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Silva Brand


Commercial real estate’s leading technology platform needed a brand that brought it into the age of Big Data and mobile devices.

The Challenge

Site To Do Business is commercial real estate’s most advanced digital toolkit, providing brokers, corporations, investors, and other practitioners with the essential data and tools to support financial, market, spatial, and competitive analysis. However, STDB’s antiquated brand didn't reflect its preeminence in the marketplace and didn’t leverage new ways of storytelling to reach younger, more tech-savvy users.


Part of STDB’s brand problem was that it aggregated a number of more recognizable tech products, including ArcGIS, Esri, Xceligent, and CDX. In order to establish STDB as a strong entity-level brand, we focused on the network effect of combining technologies, especially integrating quality online data in a dynamic mapping environment to help professionals serve their clients and win business.

The Answer

We referenced the latest trends in technology branding in order to create the new STDB logo and visual palette. We then created a new sizzler video that told the story of STDB across all its use cases—in the office, in the field, in conceptual planning, and transaction work. The video featured 3D CGI animation, splashy titling, live-action, and a propulsive score to create excitement about STDB’s range of capabilities.

Our initial design research focused on the trends in technology branding in order to pinpoint colors, shapes, and moods which would resonate with users.

Images for the STDB moodboard.
We presented a raft of logo concepts to STDB in order to identify the one which resonate across every audience.
Examples of different STDB logos.

STDB’s interface is controlled and concise to create a crystal-clear path for the user.

A landing page of the STDB site on mobile.
STDB’s new video features top-flight motion graphics, live-action footage, and MTV-style editing.