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Silva Brand


The gateway for global investment into North America, Pentavirate's brand needed to travel across continents.

The Challenge

Pentavirate, a global investment firm, needed a powerful brand that would bring alternative real estate investment products to investors and partners through North America and the investment world. However, any startup faces a high barrier to entry because of multinational competitors, natural investor skepticism of emerging product categories, and frothy pricing for quality assets.


Despite the fact that they were a startup, we found out that they had compelling advantages over other, much larger companies—their secret sauce—which was two fold: An under-the-radar product type that could exceed the returns of any of the other core investment classes; the skills and team to do all of the intricate work necessary to identify, negotiate, assemble, and operate facilities in a way that would transform them from mom and pop assets to large institutional portfolios.

The Answer

Silva Brand created the entire brand platform to emphasize the Pentavirate experience over merely the transactional strengths—the deep stories of the team, their expertise, the mix of cultures, and their personality.

Pentavirate’s website was designed to be blue-chip with a beating heart.

“They took the time to genuinely understand our vision, and to research the real industry specific to our business. Silva Brand understood how important this was to us and delivered a uniquely designed brand which matched our confidence in our business. This passion and heart for brand development is what sets them apart. They delivered amazing work under a timeline that was truly respected.”

A portrait of Suria El-Bietar, Director of Risk Management for Pentavirate.
The new investment-grade collateral extended from brochures to offering memoranda, sales sheets, and pitch decks.
Pages of the Pentavirate brochure.
Business cards and fliers for Pentavirate.