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Look Lateral

A legendary Italian magazine becomes a global platform for trading fine art.

The Challenge

Inspired by the values of the Renaissance, Italian technology company, Look Lateral is building the world’s premier digital ecosystem for the fractional ownership of art. Based on blockchain technology, the platform is built on four main pillars—Tagging, Provenance, Pricing, and Fimart—allowing users from all over the world to buy and sell ownership interests in art.


Online art marketplaces doubled in 2016 with online art sales reaching $9 billion in 2018. However, the majority of firms elevated technology at the expense of the value of art collectors. To break through a cluttered market, Look Lateral needed to align its brand with its extraordinary heritage—as the technology arm of one of Italy’s preeminent art magazines, Look Lateral. Based in Mantua, one of the epicenters of the Renaissance, the vision of bringing art ownership to the wider world needed to be fully told.

The Answer

Silva Brand spent weeks researching Mantua and the court of the legendary Gonzaga family and its important role in the Renaissance. We also excavated archived issues of Look Lateral magazine, at its time, a cutting-edge contemporary art magazine, with an international distribution and a position in the editorial sections of the most influential art fairs. Using this compelling origin story, we told the story of the company vision, products, and services through the prism of its passion for popularizing art ownership.

We created two design approaches that would align the brand with its rich history as an arts magazine and its origin in Mantua, Italy—one of the centers of the Renaissance.

"The Silva Brand team is very professional. Before starting work on the requested materials, they carefully analyzed the market of our business and the soul of our existing brand in order to align the needs and language of our global audience sectors with the strength of the Look Lateral platform. I strongly recommend them: great approach, knowledge and culture."

Portrait of Niccolo Filippo, CEO of Look Lateral.