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Himayah Financial Group

Creating a Wall Street level brand to reach Middle Eastern investors.

The Challenge

Himayah means “to safeguard” in Arabic. And that was the idea behind a new U.S.-based international investment company that would target cross-border capital from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The problem was that an American startup didn’t have automatic credibility with Islamic investors who worried about their understanding of Islamic finance; their wherewithal and ability to perform without a long track record in the Sharia sector; and their lack of manpower.


The vast majority of foreign investors lack accurate, grassroots information about U.S. markets which causes them to invest in high-priced core investments with low but stable returns. Himayah could lower the risk profile on high return investments by filling the information gap and adding investment-grade acquisition, management, and disposition.

The Answer

Silva Brand created a premium Islamic design-influenced brand to match the like of Eemar, Mubadalah, and other legendary real estate brands from the Middle East. We went beyond merely copying design tropes to building the visual strategy and messaging on the core principles of Shariah investing and the high-touch nature of business in the MENA cultures.

Brand discovery for Himayah featuring competing Islamic real estate brands.

Our process started with Brand Discovery, encompassing a highly detailed analysis of Islamic financial markets. Our detailed analysis of competitors revealed their playbook on how to navigate the phases of an investment offering—from arrangement to road show to exit.

Brand discovery for Himayah featuring an analysis of Islamic financial markets.
We convened Himayah's executive team to build a visual brand board, which inspired the new logo mark and colors.
Images for the Himayah moodboard.

To design the Himayah brand, our exploration straddled Middle Eastern real estate developers, investment house, and even lifestyle brands across the region.

The Himayah logo and logo mark.
Logo guide for the Himayah logo.