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CCS, one of the nation’s leading construction advisory firms, needed a new website and trade show display to reach major real estate owners and architects. Upon deeper analysis, our work expanded to help the executive team redefine and organize their service lines and sectors to more powerfully convey their unique selling proposition.

The Challenge

Over 40 years, encompassing 10,000 projects and 11 industry sectors, CCS's marketing messaging had grown unwieldy and didn’t clearly articulate the company’s competitive advantage to its core audiences. What’s more the company wanted to go beyond Cost Accounting to showcase its strategic services like Program and Project Management to building owners.


CCS’s core audience segments — from international investment firms to major government agencies to small municipalities — have radically different goals, motivated by profit and purpose. Understanding each segment would allow us to connect each CCS service line to the specific core needs of each audience.

The Answer

Using our patented methodology, we assembled CCS’s executive team to do deep-dive goal setting, client needs analysis (including empathy mapping for every audience), a detailed SWOT analysis, a competitor audit, and a wide-ranging review of the construction industry that encompassed legal and liability issues, procurement trends, revolutionary technology and shifting performance metrics.

Our Brand Discovery process revealed the key perceptions about CCS in the national marketplace as well as significant trends within the construction industry. The research was fundamental to producing web content which was relevant and compelling.
The CCS website is robust, encompassing 45,000 words covering case studies, company history, service descriptions and deep sector analysis. The trick was to make it appear light and easy to skim for visitors. Working with our European web team, we devised a clear and elegant user interface with expandable copy blocks, stunning imagery and interactive graphics that allow readers to choose their own adventure.
Silva Brand coordinated a photo shoot across five states of CCS staff at work. The images conveyed the firm's person-centered culture and rich family history.
CCS’ signature process is built on the idea that decisions made during the building planning and design process are the biggest drivers of project success, especially cost and schedule. Our design and copywriting team collaborated to unpack this idea more clearly, fleshing out the Ripple Effect across the entire continuum of design, construction, and the life cycle of the building.
CCS wanted to spotlight its services and track record at major international trade shows. We retired their outdated banner system in favor of a booth deploying the innovative WaveLight® Infinity system, an innovative LED light box frame, that delivers a completely immersive graphic experience. Intended to reach different customer segments, we designed a series of illuminated, two-sided panels that can be mixed and matched to deliver a highly customized message.
To build a compelling visual brand, we used the CCS logo to create unique, designer patterns that can be displayed in trade show booths, CCS offices and in collateral.

"Silva Brand was very client-conscious and wanted to provide us with the best service possible. They understood our internal challenges, and still, they pushed us when needed, firmly but respectfully letting us know when things would be delayed if we didn’t move forward. Furthermore, they explained everything so that we clearly knew why we were doing what we were doing — I couldn’t have asked for more."