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Over our history, we’ve been grassroots and global. Our work has included brands for large real estate companies, international associations, professional sports franchises, downtown skyscrapers, publishers, and apps that revolutionize the way people do business. Our clients are our colleagues and friends whose success is the reason we show up at our desks in the morning.

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Billboard of the Ballparks of America ad campaign.

Ballparks of America

A rival to Cooperstown Dreams Park, Ballparks of America is a landmark attraction in Branson, MO, now annually drawing 400 teams from across the United States and the world. To achieve their vision of being “the Disney of baseball”, Silva Brand designed an unforgettable major-league experience for players and parents.

Robert Morris University leaders with Chicago Major Rahm Emanuel.

Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University has become one of the best kept secrets in higher ed, cited by Money Magazine and US News & World Report. Working with their leadership and the Mayor of Chicago’s staff, we helped brand and launch a historic new scholarship targeting African American high-school graduates.

Logo drafts for Cawley Chicago.

Cawley Chicago

Cawley Chicago, one of the region’s leading real estate brokerage companies, engaged Silva Brand to overhaul its brand. Leveraging the new brand idea, “Submarket Specialists”, we created a logomark, brand voice and stunning info graphics that told the story of the company across all touchpoints.

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